The Dance Party & Egypt For Now, Historical Recordings

The first two releases in the ‘Time Capsule’ series from Imprint Of Quality, are the fledgling recordings of Myself & Mick’s formative bands.
These are limited editions of 100 copies available from
Both cd’s contain previously unheard tracks as well as previously unseen photos from my archive.
Mick has always been proud of what we set out to achive with both bands, even so far as trying to record Egypt For Now’s ‘Soldiers’ for ‘…on the corner of Miles & Gil’


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Zilch (1988)
1. Emergency (listen)
2. Someone’s Knocking (listen)
3. John Kline (listen)
4. I Need You (listen)
5. Realization (listen)
6. High Rise Low Life (listen)
7. Who Killed Clayton Square? (listen)
8. Who’d Believe It? (listen)
9. What’s It Like… (listen)
10. The Believers (listen)