Longshot for Your Love (1998)

1. just a girl (4:23)
2. (there’s always) something on my mind (2:40)
3. lavinia’s dream (3:43)
4. longshot for your love (3:16)
5. thank you (2:49)
6. the norfolk broads (3:33)
7. benoit’s christmas (2:43)
8. hey there fred (3.01)
9. palm of my hand (3.19)
10. free (4:19)
11. we have all the time in the world (2:47)
12. just a girl (3:18)
13. love situation (3:51)


“The closest you can get to the perfect pop song.”Rolling Stone

“Long awaited compilation of rare and unreleased material. That’s where Saint Etienne learnt their lesson.”Spex

“A superb album.”Bucketfull of Brains

“Lavishly packaged set.”MOJO



In 1982, the musical and sartorial dictates of student life were divided between the gloomy angst and raincoat chic of Echo and the Bunnymen and the jumper-tucked-into-three-pleaters fashions and pasty-faced, fey pop of Orange Juice and The Pale Fountains. 

The latter quartet of late-teenagers led by songwriter Michael Head cut an individualistic dash not only through their chosen apparel – bonnets, shorts, neckerchiefs and lumberjack shirts, not exactly Toxteth regulation at the time – but also by embracing the easy-listening sounds of Burt Bacharach and Sergio Mendes, interpreted in the raggedy-arsed indie style of the day.

Devotees will delight in the Peel Session tracks and Whistle Test performances, while for others, both the early version of Thank You (Number 48 in October 1982, the closest they got to a hit) and their loungy rendering of Deniece Williams’ Free (featuring a tasty steel drum solo) provide the most interesting highpoints.



A compilation of 14 rare songs from the early eighties popster.

And very nice it is too, very jangly, very tuneful and very, very eighties. But unfortunately, it’s weathered about as well as Sian Lloyd.


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Zilch (1988)
1. Emergency (listen)
2. Someone’s Knocking (listen)
3. John Kline (listen)
4. I Need You (listen)
5. Realization (listen)
6. High Rise Low Life (listen)
7. Who Killed Clayton Square? (listen)
8. Who’d Believe It? (listen)
9. What’s It Like… (listen)
10. The Believers (listen)