What a pain in the arse it must be to be a ‘respected artist’. It’s like people calling bands ‘Really good at what they do’, when what they really want to do is rip people’s hearts out and suck them dry, then shag them sideways in every orifice.

Mick Head, formerly of Shack lack-of-fame, has been ‘respected’ for many years, especially in his native Liverpool, but he and the zeitgeist always appear to have walked on different sides of the street. This may not change that, but it will surely pluck the strings of even the most cynical souls.

Somethin’ Like You (a stripped-down version of the beauty that appears on The Magical World Of The Strands album) floats through your head with the blissful feeling of sensitive crimes in a rowing boat with that person you’ve been dying to ask out for ages. Which might well be what this song is about. It stumbles in on the middle of a line, making the uncomplicated observation that, “…all the world is full of lovely, happy, smilin’ faces, somethin’ like you, yeah”.

Awww. He goes on to ask his subject to join him on an unspecified sentimental journey into the sunset, and it still sounds irresistibly romantic. Almost as good is B-side Queen Matilda, like pure Nick Drake strumming along with The Stone Roses of Elizabeth My Dear. All of which sounds much less like respect, and very much like hazy, lazy lurve.


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Zilch (1988)
1. Emergency (listen)
2. Someone’s Knocking (listen)
3. John Kline (listen)
4. I Need You (listen)
5. Realization (listen)
6. High Rise Low Life (listen)
7. Who Killed Clayton Square? (listen)
8. Who’d Believe It? (listen)
9. What’s It Like… (listen)
10. The Believers (listen)