The Anonymous Letter: The Pale Fountains at Leuven Lido, October 1982

Wednesday, Oct 06 1982

Move Back, Bite Harder

Isolation Ward (opener) 7:30 pm
The Pale Fountains (opener)
23 Skidoo (headliner)
Cabaret Voltaire (headliner)
Tuxedomoon (other)

Organised by Les Disques du Crépuscule & J.J. Record Shop.

Setlist : Intro, Lavinia’s Dream, (There’s Always) Something on My Mind, Shelter, Longshot For Your Love, Just A Girl, We Have All the Time In The World, The Norfolk Broads, Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale, Thank You, Walk On By
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“…the band and I flew to Brussels to play a Crepuscule mini- tour suitably entitled Move Back, Bite Harder. We stayed in a hotel in the city centre and drank a lot and had nightly pillow fights. Isabel from Antena joined the band on backing vocals for a version of Scarborough Fair, a song so sweet it provoked violence from a group of hardcore punks who’d come along to see Cabaret Voltaire. On 4 October the band recorded We Have All The Time In The World for a Crepuscule movie soundtrack album, then we drove into the country to Benoit Hennebert’s farmhouse. Hennebert, the gentle genius of Crepuscule design, showed us his beautiful artwork and huge record collection, and the band cycled off down country lanes, looking rural and happy and free from the cares of London”
Patrick Moore (Manager Pale Fountains/Operation Twilight)

Photograph by Phillipe Carly
Recording sourced by Mike Mullins

4 comments to The Anonymous Letter: The Pale Fountains at Leuven Lido, October 1982

  • Graham (jacques)

    Weeping here. This is what its all about. This is why I’m still here almost 30 years on.

    That said, I can only download half the tracks – anyone else having the same problems

  • Graham, just done a test download and all present and correct.


  • Terence

    Thanks again for yet another marvellous download. Almost 30 years on!!… now that’s scary!!



  • john quinlan

    thanks so much – i was in London in 1984 and was overjoyed to get a ticket to see Pale Fountains – concert was cancelled at the last minute – i do remember hearing some of pacific street on the radio though


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