Guitar Tab : Miles Apart

Written by John Head
Tabbed by S. McNally
(violin part kicks in)
F#m11-Dmaj7-E-F#m11  (2x)
Verse 1
And it's as far as I remember
As she felt into my heart
               E     Dmaj7
But we were as close as
      E  F#m11
Miles apart
Verse 2
It should've been better
No matter how we tried
             Dmaj7 Amaj7     Dmaj7  Amaj7
Like we were ly-----ing  and   dreaming
   Dmaj7  Amaj7  Dmaj7 Amaj7  F#m11
As pawns  in our own   de-----cline
(F#m11)            B    A
But what we got is (doo do doo)
      E    F#m11
beautiful moments
                 B    A
They're caught in
           E   F#m11
A fleeting time
B   A    E   F#m11
B   A   (E)  F#m11
Verse 3
And I can but only let her
Accepted is the ties
                 E    Dmaj7
Cause this is as good as
      E   F#m11
Bread and wine
Verse 4
He said it shouldn't have it
Who said this is not right?
           Dmaj7 Amaj7      Dmaj7 Amaj7
And if we're ly-----ing and   dreaming
    Dmaj7 Amaj7  Dmaj7 Amaj7   F#m11
And courting our own   de------mise
(F#m11)            B      A
But what we got a (doo do doo)
      E   F#m11
Beautiful moments
                  B    A
We're  caught in
         E    F#m11  B   A
Fleeting time
      E   F#m11
Beautiful moments
                 B   A   (E)  F#m11
They're caught in
B                    F#m11
Cause right from the start
B                     F#m11
Don't have to play no part
B                   F#m11 Dmaj7  Amaj7   B   A
Not like we have to pro---ve something
      E    F#m11
Beautiful moments
                  B    A
They're caught in
         E    F#m11   B   A
Fleeting time
      E   F#m11
Beautiful moments
                  B    A    E    F#m11
They're caught in.
Outro on F#m11


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