Guitar Tab : Carousel

Written by John Head
Tabbed by S. McNally
C-F-G-F  (4x)
(C) F         G        F
    I thought I heard you
C   F         G     F
    And that's no lie
C   F         G      F
    I thought I saw you
C   F       G     F     C
    In the corner of my eye
    F        G     F        
    Does the water taste so sweet?
C   F        G     F
    You need water from me?
C   F            G    F
    You ought to know now
C   F             G     F
    When it's not right
Am         Em
A peace of time
Takes little piece of the world
A peace of mine
Peace of mind
Now you  try to take my heart
Now you  try to take my heart
(F)        C     F
Don't be alright?
G         F        C       F     G    F
Upon this carousel running wild?
Verse 2
Take a piece of what you make
Drink the health of all we say
But if the water tastes so sweet
You take water from me
You gotta know now
It’s not right
A piece of time
Takes a little piece of the world
A piece of mine
Peace of mind
Now don’t try to take my heart
Now don’t try to take my heart
Don’t be alright
Upon this carousel running wild
Outro (over verse chords)
I thought I saw you
I thought I saw you
I thought I saw you
I thought I saw you


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