Guitar Tab : Byrds Turn To Stone

Written by Michael Head
Tabbed by S. McNally
This is a great fingerpicking song, I'm not going to tab it out, but you should give it a go.
Verse 1
A           G        D
How can you shine so bright
    G         D         A
And still you shine for me
A         G           D
Traveling through the night
  G       D          A
A million miles with me
A            G             D
Listening to Wild Mountain Thyme
    A         G      D
The Byrds and Arthur Lee
Em             A                 D        F#m
We'd spend the time, feeding our minds
Em             A                 D        F#m  A
Byrds turn to stone, night after night
Verse 2
A           G        D
Learning to play the guitar
        G    D       A
One for you, one for me
A            G            D
Who'd be the first one to learn
        G         D     A
All the tricks by Mr. Lee
A           G             D
Stuck in me ma's old back room
     G       D       A
With endless cups of tea
Em             A                 D       F#m
We'd spend the time, blowing our minds
Em             A                 D       F#m  A
Byrds turn to stone, night after night
Bridge (Completely guessing on the lyrics)
G            D
Remember the days
        Bm              D
When me met at Swifty's Cakes
    F                   A
And freaked us out and laughter all night long
all night long
G         F     
C'mon she said,
    G       F
the queen's not dead
    G         F
The beautiful danger


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