Guitar Tab : Al's Vacation

Written By Michael Head
Tabbed by S. McNally
G-F-Dm  (2x)
Verse 1
     G                F               Dm
Mrs. Johnson gets her coat out of the cleaners
       G                      F              Dm 
It's a big day, they're gonna create a holiday
G      F                  Dm     
Al's vacation starts today.
G            F                 Dm
Yeah, Al's vacation starts today
Em          Bm                C             Em
Hey! Mister Goldman won't you please get in now
                      D                 C
And even if you can't decide we'll help you along
Verse 2
Mr. Johnson takes no nonsense at the weekend
It's his off week and he needs a holiday
Al's vacation starts today
Yea Al's vacation starts today
Hey Mr. Goldman won't you please get in now
And even if you can't decide we'll help you along
This is the fourteenth day you've been in
F#m                 C#m
What's all the fuss about you leaving
C       E     C       E  
I don't mind, I don't mind
Fourteen days and fourteen nights
F#m                      C#m
Why should we waste good tagliatelle ?
C      E      C      E
It's alright, It's alright
Bm-A-E (4x, end on E)


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